International Eye Clinic is a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate all preventable and treatable forms of blindness that result from lack of access to eye care or lack of proper health education. Its goal is to promote healthy vision through education and establishment of eye care centers in underdeveloped communities.



International Eye Clinic imagines a world where doctors around the world have access to education, training, and resources, in order to provide comprehensive eye care for people in need.


Our Team

International Eye Clinic has a Board of Directors dedicated to making a difference in other people’s lives. Whether it is cataracts or glaucoma, our physicians will assist people who are in need of eye care. Currently, we are looking for more licensed doctors to join our team.

bothunthumb Erick D. Bothun, M.D.


christiansenthumb Stephen P. Christiansen, M.D.


djalilianthumb Ali R. Djalilian, M.D.


mehralianthumb Amir Mehralian, M.D.


KSmall_Picthumb Karen Small, M.D.


stephensthumb Jeffrey J. Stephens, M.D.